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Speaking To Spirits

July 2004

It seems as if I have been surrounded by spirits my whole life. In fact paranormal occurrences have been happening around me for as long as I can remember. I have recently begun working to develop my mental abilities. I don't really want to go into every story that I have because we would be here all day. I'll just give you a good idea of what my life has been like. The spirits have always been there but in the past five years the visits have become more frequent and intense.

When I was around thirteen or fourteen I had my first nightly visit. I would wake up at around the same time every night to find a man standing at the foot of my bed. He was really tall and wide. I call him the Black man not because he was colored but because he was like a shadow that was darker than the room. I began to see him more frequently, even during the day and often refused to sleep in my room. He was soon joined by a little blond-haired girl who would curl up next to me in my bed. It scared me so much that I would become frozen with fear. I can relax about it now, I know that he wasn't trying to frighten me, only get my attention. It would be almost a year before I had another visitor.

My mother had just finished school to become a teacher but the school district in which we lived did not have any openings. She eventually found a position in a town around 150 or so miles away. We managed to finagle a couple of beds during the week at my grandfather's house in the town. That is where I met Ichabod.

At first I thought it was just a dream but then he started visiting during the day when I did my homework. He liked to pull pranks on my mother and I but would stop the instant that someone got upset. I think it was Ichabod who made me so relaxed around spirits. He explained how he was looking for his wife Isabella whom he had lost contact with after death. He asked me to help but never explained quite how. I haven't had any contact with him in over a year so I assume that he found Isabella.

After Ichabod I had several spirits speaking to me every day. It was exhausting I was irritable and grumpy but I was helpful. I was lending my sensitivities to the spirits in order to help them complete their business. I learned to close myself to the spirits after a couple of months like that. They still try to coerce me into helping them when I need the energy for other things. A month back I had physical contact with a spirit. He pulled my hair and held onto my arm. His hands were white and bony and his fingernails were quite long. It was frightening but I held my own and used what I had learned about the white light technique to get rid of him.

I continue to have paranormal visitors but I have learned to manage their activities and needs with my own. I laugh sometimes to think that a couple years ago I really wished to be able to speak with spirits, looks like I got what I wished for.

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