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Kristen, Maryland, USA
October 1998

One night I was at the movies with my boyfriend and then we walked back to his house after the movie was over. When we got home he noticed that lights were on and when we left he had turned them all off. Well, we really didn't think anything of it because we thought it must of been his brother had stopped by or something, but that was only the beginning of the weird things that happened that night. We sat and watched some TV then I got in my car and I went home. In the car my cellphone kept ringing with no one on the other line. I got scared so I started speeding, I was going about 95 in a 45 zone. Then out of no where a cop was following behind me with his lights on. So I pulled over and waited for the cop to come to my car and he never came. I was so scared so I called my boyfriend and asked him what to do and he said to get out the car and see what was up, and when I got out the cop car was gone and there was a guy standing behind my car. He looked sad but he was beautiful. I told my boyfriend to hold on and I walked over to the man. He said, in a low voice, "What's your hurry, you've been going to fast for a while." I said, "Where did you come from?" He said, "Just slow down and take your time the road is beautiful at night." Then I asked him if he needed a ride and he just smiled and said, "Oh no, I have a ride but thank you anyway Kristen." He turned around and walked away down the road. I picked up the phone told my boyfriend I was okay and went home. I enjoyed the ride home that night to, and now I don't speed when I 'm in my car either. I still don't know what happened to the cop or where the man came from, or how he knew my name, but I was glad I had someone looking over me that night.

Kristen, Maryland, USA
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