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Spirit In My Apartment

Karen Thornton/Marshall Thornton, Colorado, USA
March 1999

Ijust moved to Colorado in May of 1998. I like my apartment it, is two bedrooms and quite nice. The first month I was here I put my baby down for a nap. I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen to clean up when I noticed movement in the hallway as if my son had gotten up and went to another room. I called his name, no answer, so I went to the bedroom, he was still sleeping.

One week later my husband was sleeping as well as the baby. I was in the shower and "felt" a presence in the bathroom. I saw a shadow through the curtain and when I called my husbands name the shadow disappeared. Again my husband and son were sleeping.

A few months later I was fixing dinner in the kitchen and my husband and son were in the bedroom playing on the computer. I saw a shadow coming into the kitchen. I thought my husband had come into the kitchen to ask me something when I turned around the shadow went around the corner into the bedroom. I followed and was surprised to see them both playing on the computer. I asked if he had come into the kitchen and he said no. Is this apartment haunted? I don't know but I have seen this "spirit" or shadow often.

We now have a cat and several times for no reason his hair will stand straight up and he will arch his back. I think he sees or feels the spirit too. The spirit is not frightening it just makes you look twice and yet of all the places I've lived I feel the safest here.

This is a true story, I am a stay-at-home mom now but I use to teach elementary school. This presence is very calming, who knows, maybe it is my guardian angel letting me know that my family is safe and he/she is here to watch over us.

Karen Thornton/Marshall Thornton, Colorado, USA
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