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Gina Cope, NC, USA
October 2002

I'm not very good at telling stories even true ones but I thought I would give it a shot any way.

This experience happened to me when I was a little girl I've had several other experiences but this one really has stuck in my mind after all these years as if it only happened yesterday.

When I was about 10 years old; by the way I am now 39 so you see it has been a long time; but anyways when I was 10 we lived in a house in the country only a few houses around and not very close to ours.

It was a nice house I guess my room was in the front of the house and my brothers was right across the hall from mine. I was always scared in my room but one particular night I was more scared than usual.

I had just gone to bed and was trying to get comfortable; before I go on let me tell you how my room looked or try anyway. My bed set between my clothes closet and a linen closet where my mom kept her sheets etc.

Right after I lay my head on the pillow and shut my eyes the pillow beside of the one I was using rustled, as if someone might have just laid their head down on it. Well that freaked me out but not as much as what happened next, for some reason I raised up and looked down at the foot of my bed; the side of my bed that the linen closet was on and all of a sudden a woman appeared and she had something in her hand although I couldn't make out what it was; she looked like she was wearing a bath robe and like she had her head wrapped up in a towel, well any way she walked to the linen closet and the door opened and it's like she put something in it and then it closed and she walked back to the foot of my bed and disappeared.

I was so scared that I jumped out of bed ran into the hall and ran right smack dab into a big box of socks that my dad had brought home from work. Thats how my parents found me with my feet stuck up in the air and the rest of me in the box of socks.

After that I begged my brother to change rooms with me so we did, I've never heard or seen anything in my new room.

Not too long after that we sold the house and moved to Florida.

Thanks for reading.

Gina Cope, NC, USA
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