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Spooky Lady

January 1998

This story actually happened to my father.

When he was young he lived with his parents and brothers in a building with many apartments. On the last floor or the roof terrace the washboards were found. Also, on this last floor, lived a very old lady. This lady had hair that was very white. She used to spend all her days washing clothes. One day, this lady died from natural causes. A few days later my dad and a friend decided to go up to the last floor, just for fun. They went during the night. My dad was checking by his side as well as his friend did. Suddenly, my dad looked at his friend and saw him pale and try to tell him something. My dad understood that he had to look toward the washboards and so he did. He was amazed at what he saw. There was the old lady that used to wash her clothes. She was floating on the air and the most notorious thing was that her white hair was floating too.She slowly began turning around. Then she disappeared. My dad and his friend began running as fast as they could and they never went up again at night.

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