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Staggered Experiences

January 2013

I apologize if this story is a bit lengthy, but it will tell you all of my experiences that have happened to me, or happened to me and other people in the same house/room etc. I am a twenty-one-year-old female and these are my accounts thus far:

My first actual experience was when I was staying at a friend's house in Santa Rosa, CA when I was about seventeen. I was well aware that this said friend's house was haunted by three ghosts, but didn't think anything would happen while I was there. It was late one night and everyone had gone to bed including two of our mutual friends in the living room that were staying the night. They were both guys and VERY heavy sleepers. The house was very small and the room I was staying in with my friend was right next to the kitchen separated by a thin wall (the entire house had thin walls). We were about asleep when we heard a big loud bang that came from the kitchen. We kind of freaked out for a second asking each other, "what the heck was that?" Finally, my friend decided to go out and take a look but saw nothing out of place and everyone still asleep... It bothered me though to the point where I needed to go out and investigate myself but asked my friend to come along with me because I was scared. So we both went out in the kitchen again and I noticed what had happened-- a very large, hefty wooden chair had fallen completely on its side. It was also wedged in between a hefty wooden coffee table and a large futon. There was absolutely no room for this chair to have fallen over on its own unless some force made it happen. Especially by how heavy it was. Not much of a crazy experience but it was my first real one that I can remember.

A few years later, I moved more into the valley of CA. I then met my partner, Sarah, and she lived in a town that has a nice cemetery in it, next to this piece of abandoned land that had a barren barn and all these little tiny crumbled buildings, almost like parts of a bigger house or something, scattered about the land behind the barn. These little mini house-like buildings were trashed from people partying in them. (It was a major college town.) Broken glass, bottles, cans, clothes, graffiti, the like. We decided this would be an awesome place to do our Ouija board... We took it there in the middle of the day; sunny, broad daylight, at the end of summer. We went into one of the buildings that was more of another small barn but had lots of abandoned stuff in it, just filled everywhere. We noticed that there was also (creepily) what looked to be a headstone at the base of the doorway. It had a very strange illegible name on it in some other language. We set the board down on a low coffee table and asked the obvious question of "is anyone here that would like to speak with us?" And VERY slowly, the plachette started moving. But not even so much that we could see it. We only felt it. Like a magnetized feeling came from our fingers. It freaked me out so I begged that we stop. We left that little building and found another one that was more open with a huge window and was more sunny so I wouldn't be so intimidated. We started again and asked the same question as before, and the piece moved slowly but surely to "yes". We asked many questions finally conjuring the information that we were communicating with a mid-sixties female ghost from 1350-something! I don't remember the exact numbers however. She said she was a happy spirit and we ended up talking to her for about an hour asking many questions. What got us the most was that the finger piece was moving so incredibly fast after a while of talking with her! It was gliding across the board with such ease. Also, another crazy aspect was that sometimes one of the little pegs on the finger piece would come off the edge of the board when she was answering "yes" or "no" and it was pretty much levitate a little in order to get back onto the board. Sarah and I talked about this after it all happened and were amazed by this.

We went home and decided that it was a successful trip. The next day we felt a little strange and anxiety-ridden as a couple small, strange things happened; like we felt as if something was right behind us or watching us. We were afraid something had attached itself to us. But after that, nothing really happened like it. A couple months later however, the big barn on that property had caught fire and so they then decided to tear EVERYTHING down including all the little buildings we went into for our experience. We thought that was a little strange because all of that had been there for years and years.

A couple months later we decided to get an apartment of our own because before we were living with her grandparents. Pretty much one of the first days were there, Sarah and I were lying in bed when out of the corner of our eye we saw this big, black, orb-like mass (that did not glow) move quickly from the ceiling and disappear into the wall. We looked at each other and asked, "did you just see that?" with both having the same answer. Constantly after that Sarah would see mist-like wisps fly through the air, whether them being black or white. Other little things would happen as well, like a half-full beer can knocked over and started pouring onto the carpet when no one had touched it or been near it, and our desk lamp knocked over out of nowhere and the bulb broke. Also, the carpet's corner near the front door would be overturned when no one would be in nor out the door. And Sarah had once followed distinct footsteps to the kitchen once thinking it was me, when upon arriving there was no one in the kitchen. (Which only one entrance to the kitchen.)

Soon, Sarah had more personal experiences as well. We were lying in bed late one night, falling asleep when she was facing the rest of the room while I was at the wall, and she woke up suddenly saying that she distinctively felt "someone" walk up next to the bed and place their hands on her back. She switched sides with me that night. Then, it would touch her quite often actually. Most of the time it would be on her feet or on her leg/calf. Every time it happened she would wake me up and we would turn the lights on and ask the spirit to leave us alone and stop touching Sarah. Eventually, growing tired of the games, Sarah wanted to communicate with the spirit in our apartment. So, (whether or not you believe in this,) Sarah and I had the idea of taking a simple pencil and a notepad of paper in means of communication. She asked the question who is here with us? Who wants our attention?" Nothing happened. It took a few tries of asking the same type of question, then finally, slowly, her fingers started moving and started spelling out words. We found out that this spirit was a 20-year-old, African American male named Lenny that knew he was dead but didn't know how or when he died. We then eventually got him to tell us that the reason he kept bothering Sarah was because she reminded him of a best friend he had in life. He then revealed that he knew something VERY personal about Sarah that only a few people knew about... She was really freaked out by this because she had no idea why he would be saying it or how he would know. She then told him that she didn't need his help and that she was fine. He kept repeating it, and spelling "sorry" and "sorry, Sarah." It was very eerie. Needless to say we then said goodbye and burned some white sage in the entire apartment to try to relinquish any bad energies or unwanted spirits. Before we moved out after being there for hardly a year, there was only one more incident that happened: Sarah had a dream and in that dream someone was whistling. But soon she awoke because her subconscious realized that the whistling was not from only the dream, but she was actually hearing it. She fully woke up, still hearing the whistling. It was loud, and coming from the living room. It was not necessarily a happy or cheerful tune. But one more of sorrow or longing. Two simple tones, over and over again. She then fell back asleep and we ended up moving soon after.

We will always remember our experiences together in this apartment. Now. only a couple things more having to do with being in our townhouse currently. Our roommate had the only room downstairs as the other two were upstairs. The kitchen was right next to his room. He has to pass it every time he goes in or out of his room. He had to get up really early for work one morning to open, and was up around 4 AM. He went into the kitchen to get some water and realized once he flipped the light on that ALL the upper cupboard doors were wide open... He really got creeped out by this especially being the only one awake early in the morning when it was still dark outside. I later woke up at around ten and went downstairs and noticed the same thing (He had not closed them, worried that if he did they would open again seconds later). So I thought it was just him looking for something quickly before he left and just leaving them like that. But we talked about it later (I was the one who closed them all) he confirmed that it was that way when he woke up. We told everyone else and asked them if possibly they had done it, but everyone swore they did not.

Ever-so-often we will hear the doorknob to the front door jiggle on its own and no one will be outside. (Usually happens at night, too). Also, our roommate has woken up hearing knocks on the front door at 3 AM but also with no one there.

I hope you enjoyed my experiences!

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