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Stolen Drivers License

Illinois, USA
August 2001

When my mother was a young woman, she went to the funeral of a friend. At the time, she didn't want to take her whole, bulky purse with her to the funeral, but she needed her drivers license in order to drive her car to get there. She decided to place her drivers license in an envelope and seal it. Then she placed the envelope into the breast pocket of her jean jacket, and buttoned it shut.

She drove to the cemetery, made her peace with the deceased, and departed on her ride home.

Soon after, she received a call from a police officer, asking if she had her driver's license on her. She replied yes, that it was in her jacket. He then proceeded to read off her S.S. number, first and last name etc. When asked why he had called, the officer stated "Ma'am, someone found your drivers license on ground of a nearby cemetery. Would you be willing to come pick it up, or would it be more convenient to mail it to you?" My mother explained to the officer that he must be mistaken, and again stated that her driver's license was in her jacket pocket, in the envelope. She asked the officer to hold on as she went to retrieve the license from her jacket. She trembled as she reached for her jacket. She unbuttoned the pocked, and pulled out the sealed envelope. She ripped open the sealed envelope and gasped. Her driver's license was not in it.

This is a true story. To this day, no one can figure what took her license, why or how.

Illinois, USA
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