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Strange Blackout

WA, Australia
May 2001

When I was in year 7, I came home from my Year 7 graduation. It was around Christmas time and my parents were attending a Christmas party.

I lived in a small country town in WA. I was dropped off at my door by the school bus, when I got to the door the door bell was ringing over and over again ( I thought this was funny as it was a very still night) I went and pushed it and it stopped. When I got inside the house I turned on the light at the start of the hall and proceeded down to my bedroom - half way down the corridor the light went off! I freaked out and ran to the the light switch near my bedroom and flicked it and the light came back on. I felt really scared and went into the kitchen and I remember rocking in the corner of the room for about half an hour or so.

I got really tired and I think I was getting too scared so I went and locked myself in my room and curled up in a tight ball and pretty much fell asleep strait away. It was a very scary experience.

In the morning I thought maybe there was a black out for a few seconds but the clocks on the microwave and VCR were set to the correct time and they flash if there is a blackout.

I asked my parents if they had fixed the clocks and they said "no" there wasn't a blackout last night.

WA, Australia
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