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Strange Feelings (1)

Sarah Jane Crystal Dawn Latta, Canada
March 1998

My "experience" is strange, and I have no evidence or proof except what I FELT. In the last few months (I'm 14), I've had these strong feelings of something...evil is the word I'll use, trying to take over my thoughts. I had started thinking evil thoughts (of doing things I'd never dream of doing), and even had bizarre, "bloody" nightmares. All in all, it felt like something had been trying to control me. I've started becoming interested in the paranormal, and had even become a witch (a white, non-evil witch). I think that although I did innocent, non-harmful spells, I may have done 1 slightly wrong and may have made some mistake (not cast the circle right or something) that may have left room for evil to enter. I even tried tarot cards and asked it a question about these feelings and it said (the message) "Take charge before someone/something controls you". Well, while I was reading some stories from here, I started getting those intense feelings. I haven't gone to church since I was little(VERY, VERY little!) but I remembered reading a story where a person said a Bible verse to get rid of a demon or something, so I thought (really hard!) the only one I could think of (and remember) and I felt this "surge" go through me (it was REALLY INTENSE) and my mind felt completely cleared and safe (when I had those feelings, my mind always felt cloudy). I've never drank, smoked, or done any drugs in my life so far, (I'm 14 remember.) Well, like I said, I have nothing to go on except my feelings (and feeling that someone's finally watching out for me, protecting me.) My e-mail address is if anyone wants to e-mail me.(pretty long, huh?)

Sarah Jane Crystal Dawn Latta, Canada
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