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Strange Guests

Ohio, USA
January 2000

Up until yesterday, I had no doubt that the "ghosts" in and around my house were my imagination running away with me. But now, I'm not so sure.

When I first moved here two years ago, my daughter and I had some strange experiences with small items that "moved" and "disappeared", lights and other electrical appliances that went On and Off at will, and strange noises that whirred, clicked, or ticked. I marveled at the warm and cold spots that changed frequently in my home. Of course, none of these events ever occurred while I had company.

The neighbours reported that sometimes my lights would turn off or go on while I was not home. Far be it for me to assume my cats had developed this capability!

And my cats are a very interesting factor. They chased and stalked nonexistent things. They would be asleep and then bolt from a room without warning.

We chose to view these phenomena as a joke, more than anything. My daughter and I named the ghost (Bob) and have had no "problems" with him. He does not appear to have any malicious intent. In fact, after several months he seemed to stop all of his horseplay.

Now, in the last several months we have noticed a new disturbing phenomenon. One of our windows (which has never been curtained) faces the deck leading to my main entrance door. This window must be passed in order to come to my door.

I had best break out the cheese dip and the punch bowl if all of the "guests" I have seen actually decide to visit! Day and night, in all weather, LARGE hooded figures, dressed sometimes in black and sometimes in white, pass my window. Yesterday held the steadiest stream thus far. There must have been fifteen of them. They make no sound and offer no scary disturbance to my life. Most intriguing is that my real guests are beginning to notice this now. People who have no knowledge of the background of this story visit me, and inform me that "someone is here, I just saw them walk by". The ticking noise has started again too, sometimes it's quite loud.

Ohio, USA
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