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Strange Happenings In Our New Home

August 2003

Hello Readers, I have a story for you. When I seven years old my father, mother, little sister, and I moved to our new Concrete house that was built by our neighbors and family members. In Puerto Rico concrete homes are very common, actually most of the houses in Puerto Rico are of concrete. It was a really nice house and my sister and I would have our own rooms. Since we moved to that house, I can say that I always had awful experiences and an uneasy feelings that someone was behind me. No cold spots but I knew that someone was there that I couldn't see. This story was one of the experiences that I had there, but it is not as scary as others unexplained occurrences in that house.

One night I remember distinctly that I wanted to stay up to watch a movie with my father (who was hardly home) and my mother. But as usual my mother and father said no. My father put me to sleep, tucked me into bed, gave me a kiss, and left to continue watching the movie. The room was completely dark but I could distinguish silhouettes of my toys and furniture around the room. I had a night-stand and on top I had a Pink-cushioned-Dog lamp. I loved that lamp, but that night for some reason I was petrified of it. I knew that something was wrong with it. I could just feel something was wrong and my stomach just turned. I felt that I was going to vomit, so naturally I screamed calling my father. I wanted to go with him, but he thought that I just wanted to watch television and not sleep. BOY was he wrong. Anyway?My father left me alone again and I was just looking at the dog-lamp with my eyes very opened wide. For some reason every time I have a feeling like this one instead of looking away I stare expecting something to happen.

About a few minutes, it seemed like years, my night-stand, my dog-lamp, my mirror and bedroom chest started to shake violently. If my eyes were wide open before this time they were bugged out now. I was freaked out. It didn't stop. It kept shaking violently. The dog-lamp fell on the floor, and I started screaming as hard as I could. All of a sudden my father and mother ran into the room, grabbed me and went into my sister's room and grabbed her too. They ran into the leaving room and I could see that they were really afraid. Their faces reflected that something really bad was happening. I noticed that they were shaking and they didn't let go of us for one second? When it finally stopped, I asked my mother what had happened. She told us that it was an earthquake. Boy was I glad that it wasn't a demon or some type of ghost.

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