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Strange House on Elm Street

Subrina Gass, Tennessee, USA
April 2006

This story may be a little long, so please hang in there with me.

I have never before experienced anything for which I didn't have an explanation until this time.

It was 1993. My husband and I decided to move away from our small town in Tennessee to a big city. We chose Indianapolis, Indiana because he had family there. We lived with his family for a bit, then rented our own apartment. It wasn't long until we found a little house on Elm Street that we could buy. We were walking along the street looking at the other houses one day. They were all older type homes that had been remolded. They were all just beautiful. But one struck my eye as remarkable. So, I decided, against my husband's concerns, to stop and talk to the owners.

We introduced ourselves and the woman welcomed us into her home to have a look. It was beautiful! We stepped into a foyer-type entrance that had a step-down living room to the right. Standing facing the living room, there was a staircase to the left and a doorway beyond the living room to the right. The house was once a complete two-story house but they had taken half of the top story out to create a very high cathedral ceiling for the living room and the room beyond the doorway which was the kitchen.

The kitchen was grand with horse shoe style cabinets and the appliances on the left and the dining area to the right. Beside their sink was a very small dish drainer and they had just a few small appliances on the counter tops. Inside the drainer was one small coffee cup turned up-side down. Beyond the kitchen was their bedrooms and bathroom. We didn't go beyond the bathroom.

During the tour, the woman's husband joined us. She explained to him who we were. He told us that he had been meaning to visit us. When we asked why, he explained that he worked in the Mayor's office and had noticed that the little house we were purchasing and had already started to fix up in order to move in to, was on the condemned list to be demolished. We had been swindled.

So, after the introductions and mini-tour, the couple asked us to remain for some afternoon tea and card games. We had nothing better to do, so we stayed. During the game, my husband and I started hearing what sounded like a basketball being dribbled from the remaining upstairs portion of the house. I questioned the woman about it, she said it was nothing.
I asked her if she had a son, she said her children were already grown and out of the house. When I questioned the sound further, she explained to me that it was a ghost. I thought, "What?! A ghost??!" I did not believe in such things and politely let her know this. She took me into the living room and had me to listen closely. The dribbling sound was coming from over my head. But that was impossible! There was no floor above my head- just a very high glass ceiling. She explained further that there was a little boy that once lived in the house with his family many years before they purchased the home. Apparently, his mother was very abusive and horribly mean to the poor child. So, he tried to remain upstairs to stay away from her. His playroom was located above the living room and his bedroom was above the foyer.
Well, there was not a room above the living room as I described earlier, but there still was a room above the foyer. She asked me if I wanted to see the bedroom. I, of course, said yes. She then took me & my husband upstairs to a room that had a very old door and door knob on it. I asked her why they didn't remodel this room when they did the rest of the home. She simply told me that the boy wouldn't let them.

There was a key sticking out of the keyhole of the old- fashioned doorknob. She asked me to unlock and open the door. So, I unlocked the doorknob, then immediately turned the knob to open the door. The door slammed shut and the key turned on it's own to lock the door back. The doorknob also suddenly got icy cold, forcing me to let go of it. I was shocked, but not impressed at this point. I complimented her on the good trick. She assured me that it wasn't a trick and urged me to try again. I tried three or four more times with the same results. She then turned to my husband and asked him to open the door. He turned the key, then turned the doorknob and opened the door with no problem at all. The woman explained to us that the ghost boy will not allow any women to open his door because of the way his mother treated him. We didn't go into the room, we just peered in.

The room was very dusty and the furniture was very old if not antique. There were many toys laying around the room, all of which was very old and looked pretty well used by some child. The woman claimed that every time they removed something from the room to clean it, the item would be right back where it was by the next morning. So they just gave up and decided to allow this room to stay as they found it. She also said that as long as no one bothers the room, the ghost wouldn't bother them with his noise and pranks.

At this point, I'll admit, I was indeed spooked. We all went back down to the foyer where we were playing cards and nothing more was said about the room. A little while later, I got thirsty and was invited to go into kitchen and relieve my thirst. So, I went to the little drainer and used the coffee cup to get a drink of water. I rinsed the cup out with hot water after I was finished and placed it back where it was. I then started back towards the foyer.
About midway into the living room, there was an enormous crash in the kitchen. It sounded as if all the dishes in the upper cabinets had suddenly fallen on the floor all at once. I immediately ran back to the kitchen. My husband was right behind me when I suddenly stopped in my tracks, which caused him to bump into me. The owners never budged from their seats-never even looked towards the kitchen.
The kitchen was still spotless. There was nothing to explain the crashing sound. The only thing unusual was that the coffee cup I had just used was sitting up-right in the middle of the floor. We left the cup where it was and returned, a lot more spooked, to the card table. The owners explained that they expected some kind of prank because we had opened the bedroom door.

We continued the game a while longer, then just as it was about to get dark, we decided to go home. After all, we didn't want to over-stay our welcome with these nice people.

As we were saying our goodbyes, the woman offered me her congratulations. Assuming that she was referring to the home we were buying, I told her that there was no congratulations needed for getting a home that was doomed for destruction. She then said no, not the home, the baby. Not realizing what she was referring to, I asked her to explain. She then seemed shocked and said, "Oh, you didn't know?" She then explained to me that I was pregnant. I immediately explained to her that there was no way I could be as I was told many years before from three different doctors at three different places that I could never have children due to a serious infection I had had many years before. The woman assured me that I was indeed with child. I just needed to choose a name, then I'd find out. She asked me what name I would choose for a baby boy. At this point I was thinking this woman was crazy. So, I just said the first name that came to my mind, which was Christopher (from the actor, Christopher Reeves, that played Superman). She once again offered her congratulations and wished us well with the new arrival. Then we left and have never seen or spoken with that nice couple again.

We were both pretty much speechless at this point. So, the walk back to our car was quiet. We went to our apartment, ate dinner, took our baths and went on to bed. A couple of weeks later I went to the doctor about a suspicious bump in my neck. The doctor told me that he had no idea what the bump in my neck was, but that the bump in my belly was a baby according to the blood test! I WAS pregnant!!

No one believed it! I had to have the doctor tell my husband personally and my mother was dumbfounded!! I was told that I could never get pregnant but here I was with child! We immediately moved back to Tennessee the next day. And I started my prenatal care soon after we returned. I found out that I was two months along. And, just for the record, my son, Christopher Ray, is now 12 years old and doing very well. He also has two brothers and a sister!

If anyone can explain ANY of these unexplainable things, I beg of you to contact me. I am still in suspense over that whole ordeal.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Any comments are appreciated.

Subrina Gass, Tennessee, USA
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