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Strange Light

November 1999

Well, actually this story didn't happen to me but to a close friend of mine. He's not the type of credible person who believes in every single superstition or paranormal stuff.

The story goes this way: it was an ordinary night, I mean, no storm, no particular date. A night like others. Suddenly he woke up in the middle of the night, opened his eyes and saw a mysterious light sphere in front of him, at some meters distance. He was so stunned by the vision he couldn't hardly move. This light sphere, whose size was more or less an orange's, began to approach him slowly. He didn't do anything, it was such a strange situation.

The sphere was only few centimetres from his face when his cat went into the room. It was a nice Persian cat, very intelligent as he always said. It leaped onto his bed, got close to him and with his front arm tried to touch the light sphere. It immediately disappeared.

My friend was sure that it wasn't a dream. He had no idea what or who the light sphere could be. I guess he felt so safe with the cat in his room that he managed to sleep the rest of the night. I couldn't have done it!

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