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Strange Man

Kim, AZ, USA
September 2011

My boyfriend and I had been having some unusual activity in his home for several months. Not really thinking a whole lot of it. We had gone on a visit to Los Angeles, California and it was late, at least one o'clock in the morning. We were outside of the hotel where we were staying, sitting in the car chatting away before we got out to go up to our room.

We had been involved a very in-depth conversation when we both suddenly stopped talking to watch a man coming closer to our car. Which isn't unusual in itself as many of you know, LA is a HUGE place with tons of people of all ages, walks of life, and are frequently out at all times of the night. What made this strange was that he was walking very oddly, not in any particular way to describe. He was an older man, approximately late 70s and wearing a very sharp tuxedo but wearing sneakers and a backpack. That was well...different. So we watched him slowly creep closer, and he was looking straight ahead not noticing us staring at him as he went by.

His face and appearance just did not seem..."normal" or "human". We watched him slowly disappear from view and remained quiet for a few minutes. At the same time we both started immediately saying how weird the guy was and not normal.

We came to the conclusion that to us, he appeared to be not human, but rather wearing a "disguise" of a human...we were not threatened in any way by him, it was just very, very, disturbing...has this every happened to anyone before? It wasn't like one of those black eyed people that some individuals have mentioned or anything, it was like he was wearing a very ill-fitting human face mask!

Kim, AZ, USA
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