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Strange Seven Days

Martine, England, UK
March 2000

Ilive in a haunted house in East London. Over the past 18 months I have seen a monk, a small boy, bumped into my (been dead 10 years), Great Grandfather and seen my (dead for 20 years) Father - I used to say that ghosts do not scare me, however what happened from Thursday 17th Feb until Tuesday 22nd Feb 2000 changed my mind.

Recently my Great Grandmother was admitted to hospital after suffering a serious stroke, everyone thought and hoped she'd pull through and we visited as often as we could. On Thursday I was awoken at around 4am by one of my cats screeching and howling at the back bedroom door, as I was too tired to get up I just ignored her and went back to sleep. Much to my annoyance she did exactly the same on Friday and Saturday morning.

On the Sunday I was alone in the house and went upstairs to clean the bathroom. As I stepped into the room I saw a youngish man standing behind my left shoulder, immediately I thought it was an intruder and I spun round to see the figure disappear behind me - no-one else was there. I was quite shaken and kept looking over my shoulder whilst doing the cleaning. Later that evening I was downstairs watching TV when my white cat (the one who'd been doing the alarm calls) suddenly flew up the stairs and started scratching the door, screeching, growling and generally creating hell. After about 3 minutes she stalked back down the stairs, fur on end and very bug eyed, and sat under a chair. At this point I became aware of a set of footsteps walking around upstairs and descending the top two stairs - I was petrified and couldn't wait for my boyfriend to get home.

Throughout Monday and Tuesday the upstairs of my house didn't feel a good place to be, however, by Wednesday I detected that the odd/bad feeling had gone. I got to work as normal and was told to call my mother, urgently. We had to rush to the hospital as my Great Gran had taken a turn for the worst (it transpires that she had died at 08:20, but the hospital lied to us when they phoned at 08:30). Afterwards we were sitting in the Cafeteria and my Gran said something which made me shiver - apparently my Great Gran had woken up the whole ward Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning by calling for her (dead for 11 years) sister to "open the door for me, let me in, I want to come in!!".

I don't know why everything came to a head on the Sunday and not the Wednesday when she died. We have just been to her funeral and the house is now peaceful - thank goodness!

Martine, England, UK
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