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Strange Sighting

NSW, Australia
December 2007

It was about a 2 years ago that my pop died (he was around 70). I was staying at my nan's house to keep her company.
I remember one time I had just gotten out of the shower and I was just about to get dressed and I was the only one in the house because my Nan was at my Aunts house and wasn't coming home till late. So I was getting dressed and I heard strange noises outside my door. The television was switching off and on and flicking through channels and somebody was ringing the phone.
I was in shock so I quickly got dressed and ran out into the living room and that's when I saw my Pop sitting in his seat crying.
I almost fainted I was that scared, then he told me to calm down and sit, so I did.

He told me he was trying to communicate with my Nan to tell her how much he misses her and how much he loves her. So I asked him why did he have to scare me like that? He told me that the only way that he could let someone know that he was there was to try to scare me.

Around about 6:00pm my Nan came home and I told her everything. She didn't believe me until she saw a note on the table in my Pop's handwriting. She started to cry and I asked if she believed me now?

I still see him around once in a while, and my Nan believes that he's there with her keeping her company.

My story isn't like everyone else's but it is 100% true.

NSW, Australia
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