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Strange Sightings

Tiffanie Wenger, CA, USA
December 2001

As many people believe that there are no ghosts, I used to be one of those people until unexplainable things started happening.

When I was a young girl, about nine years old or so, my uncle which I was very close to decided he no longer wanted to battle the cancer he had lived with for so many years. About 9 months after he had gave up his fight he passed away with cancer in my grandmothers house. From that night on, it is believed that my sixth sense was found. I would always feel his presence and from a young age, my grandmother would tell me he would come and say goodnight to her and sit and the end of her bed. But after a while he didn't show up anymore, like he had finally rested.

Nothing happened until I was due to have my son. I was young (19) and seven months pregnant and although it was a joy, it seems that when someone in my family is due to have a baby, some one usually dies before the baby is born. This time, my Great Uncle Tommy did pass on right before my due date. The month was March I believe, and it was raining, the wake was set to be at my Grandmothers house and the family was deciding weather to have tables set out on the patio for people to sit at. Finally, with much dismay, we decided to rent the tables and chairs that were needed. We all went home to our seperate houses and went to bed. That night is when my sixth sense decided to unveil. I was still living with my parents and about 3'o clock in the morning the phone rang. I picked up the phone and heard my uncle Tommy's voice telling me that it was not going to rain and that everything was going to be OK. At the same time, my mother picked up the phone and heard the end of the conversation. She started freaking out and got my dad, but by that time the phone went dead and no one was on the other end. I tried to tell myself that it was a dream but because my mother heard it, it couldn't of been. Also, if you knew my Uncle Tommy, you also knew he had a southern drawl that was unmistakable. It was him. I let it go and went on, with no other ghostly experiences until I had my son.

That May, two months after my Uncle Tommy died, I had my son. I had a difficult time giving birth to him and was in the hospital for a couple of days. After released from the hospital, I went back to home to recover. One night I awoke to find a little girl standing at the end of my bed. She was wearing all white. From her dress, that was a glowing white to her boots, all looked as if she should have been in some sort of "Little House on the Prairie" episode. She did nothing but look at me and glanced at the cradle where my son was asleep. I tried to yell, but nothing came out. By the time I could scream she vanished. After that, I swore to myself I was just dreaming again and went to another room with the baby and went to sleep.

The next night, I again awoke to see her, but this time she was standing right next to me beside the bed. I watched her look over the cradle and just watch the baby sleep. This time, I grabbed my son and ran out of the room. To this day I have not slept in the room.

A few years later, when my son was about two years old I moved to my cousins house, where the next sighting of my little girl ghost appeared and where is believed to have stayed. My Cousin has a larger house with four bed rooms. One of course is my cousins, one her daughters, one is a play room for the kids, and the last was my room where my son and I slept. To date, the little girl that I spoke of still lives in that room and is seen by numerous people that walk by it. She also plays in the kids play room late at night, and remains a friendly link to the other world.

The next time an appearance came to me was just a couple of months ago. Recently I moved into my grandmothers house to save some money and pay off my debts. At this time, I knew I would be taking the room closest to where my uncle had passed away. As soon as I started living there I felt that he was around. One night I was on the phone late at night with my boyfriend and seen a reflection off of one of the pictures that hung above my bed. It was the reflection of my uncle. As soon as i noticed it, I turned around but nothing was there, and thought nothing of it until I talked to my grandmother the next morning. At the same time (which was around 10PM) that I saw my uncle so did my grandmother. She seen him in the hallway, she also disregarded it as nothing and went to bed. Not until the next morning was it that we compared stories did we realize he was still in the house. At this same time, we received a phone call that my Grandmothers Aunt died that night around 10PM.

Are these stories that I tell a link to the other world? Some say no, but I know what I have seen, and I strongly believe that these are not just strange sightings, but ghosts that come to me for some reason or another.

Tiffanie Wenger, CA, USA
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