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Strange Things Happening Above

May 2000

Hi to all!

I've got a few weird story's to tell, but this one is really cool!

This happened in July 1997, at the return from a Kiss concert in Geneve (Switzerland). We returned home to Italy, after the long trip and it was pretty late...Around 3.00 am. I said to a friend of mine that I wasn't sleepy, and he wasn't even. So we decided to go out to a kiosk in the outskirts of our city (Turin, Italy). This Kiosk is particular because it's on top of a hill and from there you can see all of the city. It's also a beautiful place to go camping. Anyway, we parked the car on the local Plaza where there's usually a flea market during the day and at night, it's just a normal parking spot.

We where sitting in the car with the hand brake pulled (Obvious, because the car would have rolled backwards).I remember well, we where listening to the radio at low volume and suddenly we heard a Bang, like someone kicking the car. We got out of the car to check what was going on, but we where the only two people in that place, but quite distant. All the other people where at least 100 ft from us. We got back in the car and thought that it was probably just a bird or something that hit us. About a minute later, Bang (Or kick, whatever you like).......Again! This time we didn't move, but we felt that the car was moving.....BACKWARDS!! Impossible, if your hand brakes are pulled!!!!!! We turned on the lights, and the car was moving towards the edge of the hill !!!!!!! My friend turned on the car, put the gear in, and We turned on the car and fled down the hill as fast as we could.

I don't know if I should associate this event with Ghosts, UFO's or some other strange phenomena. I just know that as we where descending the hill, I felt as if something was following us and watching us between the woods!

For the interested, the hill's name is "Col Del Lys" situated in Torino, Italy

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