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Street of Spirits

Alberta, Canada
August 1997

Afriend and I were driving along the route we always took to our homes. We live within a block of each other, so we carpool a lot. Neither of us was really paying attention to the scenery as we had seen it hundreds of times, and our small town isn't exactly interesting. I was playing with the radio stations, when suddenly my friend tapped me on the shoulder, and stopped the car. "Kathy?" she said, "Have you ever seen this place?" I looked up in surprise, and gaped at what I saw. The sidewalks were made of wood, the street we were on was dirt. People were walking around in clothes that were like photos of our town I had seen from about 90 years ago. The buildings with their false fronts (I come from a small prairie town) looked shiny and new, instead of dingy and drab. It was as if someone wanted us to see our town as it was nine decades ago.

An overwhelming sense of dread enveloped me, and I could tell that my friend felt the same way. We quickly started the car again, and drove away from this street. As we looked in the mirrors, the town seemed to shimmer and fade, and disappear. Our present town began to take it's place.

My friend and I haven't told anyone about our experience yet. It was too weird, and the sensation that someone wanted us to see this was beyond immense.

Alberta, Canada
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