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Summer of 2008

Emma, TX, USA
March 2011

I am pretty sure my house is haunted, and here are some experiences to hopefully prove it. See, the ghost of my house only shows herself (yes she is a woman) during the summer. My friends claimed to be pulled under the water in my pool, but I've never been pulled under so I don't know how much I can trust them.

The most experiences happened the summer of 2008 or maybe 2009 or at least in between that time. I was sleeping when I was awoken by a big "Boom" sound, I glanced up at my window and saw a bright white light flashing through, that disappeared and I settled back down, for some reason I looked forward at my mirror at the end of my bed and next to my bed side was a girl!

She looked about my age (I was twelve at the time) with thick curly hair and a one piece swimsuit on and black tennis shoes. I looked where she was, or would be, according to the mirror and no one was there. I was so young I was mildly creeped out but just went back to sleep. A few weeks later, I opened my eyes a little just so I saw a blurry version of everything; again I had randomly woke up to another "Boom" sound and flash of white light. Suddenly I saw this girl with light blond hair that went down to her waist and she was wearing an old fashioned, lacy dress with roses all over it. She walked up to my bed, and then disappeared.

The next day I was going to try out my new Knee Board, something flipped it over and I couldn't get out of it, then something from the back pushed me up and then I felt my friend pull me back up, but from another angle, so it couldn't have been the person pushing me from behind, IN the pool. And that's it, really. I've always had experiences with ghosts, my mom told me when I was little she heard me outside saying "Push me higher, Grandma," when my grandma had been dead for weeks. Sometimes I get feelings like the ghost is still in my house, but those are the only ones that I clearly remember. Thanks for reading.

Emma, TX, USA
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