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Sweetheart Dance Gone Awry

March 2000

Iwill first have to say I never believed in apparitions or ghosts, until this night.

It was in October of 1986, I lived in a house that had 3 bedrooms and was one story. It was one of the LONG know the kind that had the forever going hallways. I had to take a high school class for credit and that is the only reason I took this class because, to be quite honest...I didn't learn anything from it that I didn't already know, Home Economics. Anyway, every year they had a Sweetheart Banquet, for FHA and FFA members. A new girl had started school and I had talked her into joining this ever so boring class, so she did and that made her eligible to go to the dance so we decided to go together. Around 6:30 that evening we went to get her and she was going to get ready for the dance at my house. We got home and I decided I was going to be the first to take a shower. We had 2 bathrooms, however, if you ran hot water from 2 different points of the house at the same time someone would be freezing. So I went to take my shower and when I returned she was sitting on my bed with this look, a blank stare, and I said to her..."Hey are you ok?", she looked at me as if I was weird or something, she said "sure why wouldn't I be?"...I told her she looked like she had seen something, and she told me that honestly she just didn't feel right unless I was in the room with her. So I asked if she wanted me to put my make-up on in the bathroom while she took her shower, and she told me not to be silly and that she would hurry. And she did...I wasn't even ready to put my makeup on when she came back into my room. So we had the stereo on talking and chit chatting about what and who we were going to see that night, started to put on our makeup...then it happened...the lights went out and in the mirror we both saw a woman floating over my bed in a long white gown and she either had blonde hair or white hair but she didn't look old...she was transparent...we froze for about 10 seconds and then looked at each other then looked at the mirror again and then looked back at my bed, the mirrored dresser was on the wall at the foot of my bed if you haven't guessed that by now. She was still there and the lights were still we freaked and ran towards my door, and my door did not have a lock on it, we couldn't get it mothers room was right next to mine, our doors touched like an "L" shape my door facing the east her door facing the north, and we shared a wall. We looked back at my bed and at that time the apparition had turned sideways and looked at us directly with a smile on her face and held her hands out to us...I was still freaking, but somehow, neither one of us screamed, it was more like we couldn't scream all we could do was make faint sounds...then all of a sudden the lights came back on, the door flew open, making us fall on one another...we got up and ran to my mother who was in the kitchen. I asked her, "Mom did the lights go out in here"...she said "No, Why?". Well I would've felt just stupid trying to explain it to her, so we went back into my room....looked everywhere...under my bed, in my closet everything to try and figure out what the deal friend actually got mad at me, accusing me of locking my door to scare her. I took her to the door and said "LOOK...There is NO lock on my door, I swear I didn't do it!".

To this day I still don't know who that woman was because when we moved into that house it was only 5 years old in 1974 and I was almost a little over 1 when we moved there.

This is by far one of my creepiest experiences, but it is however my first...I thought I'd share it.

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