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Tap On The Shoulder

Steph, NH, USA
August 2002

As I sit here writing this, I laugh thinking about how many times I've wanted a paranormal experience. Months of reading off of this site and wondering what it's like to have contact with something not of this world and then this happens and I get freaked out. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose.

What surprises me most about this is that this is hardly a frightening experience in comparison to those I've read before hand. Another thing that surprises is that this happened in a house that I never thought would be haunted, my great grandparents home in New York.

It was a normal night except for the fact that I went to bed at 4am that morning. Seeing how late it was I decided to not come out of the room, there were some blankets in the closet and my pillow was there as well. After setting up a small bed in front of the closet and I tried to fall asleep. The fan was going overhead and I had left the door open a crack so I could get some light from the kitchen (there was always a small light on in there in case you had to go to the bathroom).

Then I heard it.

There was a slight whispering, it was a man's voice but I couldn't understand it. At first I dismissed it for the fan whirring above me, but then it got louder and louder, I felt tense and my heart pounded. I didn't know what to do so I tried to ignore it. Then I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I sat up and looked around, half afraid I would see something there. Nothing. I looked to either side of me, even if I was against the wall I had to be sure nothing was there.

I took out this small fold out picture book I have and looked inside then shut it afraid I was going to see something behind me. The whispers started up again...behind me this time, I turned to it and it stopped. That's when I got out of the room and went onto the living room couch to sleep not caring if anyone heard me.

The next day I found out, after telling my family at the dinner table about what had happened the night before and they told me that my greatgrandfather had died in that room years ago. Then I remembered a few nights before something had touched my cheek then my leg, and when I went to bed something had tapped that same shoulder. I was wary of that room for the rest of my stay there.

I know it's not very scary and this is really longer than I wanted it to be, sorry for that guys.

Steph, NH, USA
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