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Tears That Stained Her Face

May 2002

You might not find this interesting, but I found this terribly unnerving. I'm actually 14, and wherever I've slept, wherever I've lived, there's always been that cold presence.

It was in summer - just a month before fifth grade would start for me. Hot and humid like it always would be in Toronto. Fairly large room I had, walk in closet, door with a lock and latch, pretty much a nice scenario. My bed faced the closet, and the head faced the windows, not a very good thing according to Feng Shui, my mother would always tell me. I believe her now...

Sleeping in my room one blisteringly humid night, I woke to the music of my radio above my head. It was always on for comfort. I always left my lights on, my parents said it would take a lot out of electricity, but I didn't care, made me feel safer. My closet doors were always shut for I was afraid of the dark tunnel it possessed within. I got up out of bed. 2:00am. I had slept a tad bit early, 6pm to be exact, and it made me feel energetic. I hustled around my room, picking out some favourite toys of mine to play with during this time of day. As I pulled my skipping rope out, and a few of my porcelain dolls, I had noticed something terrifying. One of my dolls - one with dark black hair, cobalt blue eyes, and fiery red lips with a velvet red gown - had stains of black water on her face. Like mascara getting smudged on a rainy day. Her eyes freakishly not opening when she was stood up, but opened when she laid down. I decided to just put the dolls away and hum to the music.

BANG. I heard pots and pans clanging in the night/morning, and some footsteps. I scrambled to my feet, and checked out the scene. The shoes had been arranged, except for a pair of heavy working boots my dad had dumped into the cellar a few years ago. They were up here! Distorted, in array form. I ran back upstairs, only to find a sad girl, with flowing black hair, deep red lipstick, and smudged makeup on her face. As if she'd cried. I screamed, and screamed. No one heard, it was useless. I blinked and she was gone. I went back to bed, only to see the doll with the stains on my bed. Next day, my mother opened my closet, and what appeared to be a doll, fell from the side-bars of my closet. But I had no side-bars...

Sorry if this was long, but thanks for your attention. It might not have been completely interesting; but its my experience. I still live in the same house today, only in a different room.

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