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Anonymous, FL, USA
February 2010

A few years ago I had a spirit that had become ‘obsessed’? with me. ‘Ted’? , as I called my stalking spirit, had watched me, left me gifts, and when I ignored him, he had come to my room when I was asleep and frightened me. After his behavior escalated, I had demanded him to leave and he did. Or so thought. I am married with no children and my husband travels for his job about 15 days a month.

Because I am often home alone, a couple of years ago we adopted two small dogs to keep me company. Like a lot of little dogs, my dogs like to sleep in the bed with us. It is comforting when I am home alone to have them there.

One night about two months ago, while home alone, I woke up to see both of the dogs sitting upright on the bed staring intently at the closed bedroom door as if at any moment they expected someone to open it. I softly spoke their names and they did not flinch. I reached out and touched one of the dogs and he did not move, turn to me or acknowledge me in any way. They both stayed sitting upright staring at the door. To say it freaked me out is a huge understatement. For what felt like minutes but was probably seconds, I was frozen. At this point, like the dogs, I was watching the door and unable to look away. Just as I was leaning over to pick up the phone, the door knob twisted 180 degrees to the left. A noise came out of me that I can only describe as a choked scream. The dogs freaked out and chaos ensued. Then like every stupid horror movie victim, I ran to the door and flung it open to see what was on the other side. Nothing. Next came a quick check that doors and windows were locked and a sleepless night. A few days later I dismissed the whole episode as a combination of high strung little dogs and an over active imagination. I wish.

On and off for the following weeks, the same scenario would occur and only when my husband was not at home. I would wake up to the dogs staring at the door and no matter what I did, whether I would turn lights on, say their names, or even poke at them, they would not move. It was disconcerting. It got so bad that I started sleeping in the guest room when home alone thinking it might help to break the cycle. But even in the guest room, I would wake up with the dogs staring at the door. Then, I decided that I would just ignore the behavior. When I would wake up, I would force myself to turn my body away from the door. The poor dogs were exhausted day after day and I was frustrated.

I told my husband what was going on and how we (the dogs and I) were not getting any sleep and he suggested that I put the dogs in their kennels at night. So, I did exactly that the very next night that I was home alone. I hoped the dogs and I would get some sleep. Wrong.

Halfway through the night, I woke up to the sound of the dogs hysterically barking in their kennels. They were downstairs, in the laundry room with the laundry room door closed. I was in the master bedroom sleeping with the door closed and locked. I sat up in bed, allowed my eyes to adjust to the dim light and noticed that the bedroom door was wide open and standing in the doorway was a figure.
It was ‘Ted’?. I hollered for him to leave and he slowly turned and just vaporized. I went and let the dogs out. One of the dogs had shredded his bedding and scratched at his kennel door so furiously his paws were bleeding.

The dogs and I are back to sleeping together, but now with the bedroom door open. It seems to be a little better. The dogs aren’t as anxious about what is on the other side and ‘Ted’? can come and go as he pleases. I don’t know what else to do.

Anonymous, FL, USA
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