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Tenth Floor Trouble

Ellen Brand, West Virginia, USA
April 2000

I'm what you would call psychically deaf, for the most part. As a general rule, I wouldn't know a psychic experience if it hit me on the head. (I should know, I've been told this by sensitive friends of mine.) But every so often, even I can tell when something's going on. Case in point was the night we all went up to Bobby's.

My friend Crystal was having a bad evening, complaining about some type of evil presence in her head. Nobody else wanted to get near her... apparently she was putting off some pretty bad vibes. Being impervious as I am, I told her that I didn't care what was lodging in the back of her head, I was gonna give her a hug anyway, and I did. At that moment, a storm hit outside, three candles got knocked off the coffee table, and the gold heart locket I always wear flared really hot. It was a gift from my dad before he died, and Bobby says that makes it protect me. I dunno, all I know is that Crystal wasn't complaining about ghosts in the back of her head anymore.

Ellen Brand, West Virginia, USA
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