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Thanks From Benny

NSW, Australia
January 2001

This story is hard for me to write, but I will do my best.

On the 24th of august this year, I had to get my 13 year old Maltese put to sleep because he was blind, and had a few other problems. It killed me to have to do this because he was my best friend and companion for 13 years.

On the morning of the 24th, I put my friend in a box and walked to my local vet. I was very upset, and found it hard to see where I was going because I was crying.

About half way, I stopped and took Benny out of his box, gave him a kiss and said goodbye, so I didn't have to wait at the vet.
When I got there, I put him on the chair and payed the lady at the desk. I must say at this stage, Benny could hardly walk, and was totally blind. As I was paying, the nurse came out and picked up the box and started to take Benny away. I tried not to look, but found that something was making me do so. I slowly turned around and looked towards him, and was shocked to see him standing up, and looking right at me! I started to cry, and just ran out of the vet in tears. I went outside and tried to compose myself before going back in. When I got in, which was about 10 minutes later, Kay came out and told me that he passed away at 10:01 am. I was releived to know that he was no longer in pain. I began to walk home slowly, still crying, and missing my friend. I looked at my watch and was shocked to see that it had stopped at 10:01am! I thought nothing of it, and made my way home.

When I got in the door, I then noticed that the clock on the wall had also stopped at 10:01 am! this was all too much, and I ran to my room again in tears. As I lay on my bed I felt a lump under my pillow. As I looked, I saw Benny's stuffed toy under it, and also noticed his dish was next to my bed. No one else was home when I was out, and his things where in the kitchen when I left. All of a sudden, a great sense of peace came over me, and I was no longer upset. Then I looked in my bedroom doorway, and I saw my Benny standing there looking at me! He looked so wonderful and healthy, and he looked like he did when he was a puppy! He was only there for a few seconds, and then he faded away. I can't explain what I saw, nor do I know why my clocks had stopped at the time of his death.

I miss my little friend, but I know that he is happy and young again. It goes to show that animals have spirit's too. I hope he is waiting for me when my time comes. Thanks for reading my story.

NSW, Australia
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