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Thanksgiving Angel

Angela Kumar, WA, USA
March 2003

I wasn't able to be there but my mom and some other family members were. This happened almost seven years ago in Mobile, AL.

My grandfather was admitted into hospital. He had fluid building up on his lungs and heart. My grandfather had always been sick to one degree or another as long as I could remember. He was always tired and could never go very far from home.

He had been in the hospital for a while and it had gotten to the point where they took the decision out of my grandmothers hands to take him off life support. The doctors took him off of life support after everyone said goodbye. The doctors told my grandmother that he would pass before the night was over.

While everybody sat there a nurse came in and talk to my grandmother and mother and other family members. Then she asked my family to join hands and pray. She led the prayer. When it was over she went to my grandmother and looked her in the eyes and said "my brother will be just fine." and she walked out of the room.

The next day my Mom was asleep in the chair next to my grandfather. My grandfather sat up and told my Mom that he wanted his glasses and hat. He never took his hat off except to sleep. Then he smiled at my Mom. Then my Mom woke my grandmother who had been sleeping on another hospital bed. By the end of the day he was up and walking and eating by himself. One time my grandmother had to scold him for pinching her rear-end in front of my Mom and her sisters. Then a couple of days later was thanksgiving. The doctor told my grandfather that he was able to go home in one week. My mom went to thank the nurse that prayed with them. Nobody knew the nurse that my mom was referring to but she could tell the head honcho that the nurse had done this and that she appreciated it very much. When my mom told them that she wanted to file a sort of thank you, my mom told the person the nurse's name and description the person said that they don't have a nurse by that name or description.

After my grandfather was discharged he immediately started to build my grandmother her dream house, he even took a trip to visit my mom, a 10 hour drive away. My mom and family were very thankful that thanksgiving for the Angel who they believed saved my grandfathers life.

Angela Kumar, WA, USA
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