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That Weary Night

Sidra, Pakistan
January 2002

Before I start, I should tell you that my name is Sidra and I live in Karachi, a famous city of Pakistan. I live near my maternal grandmother's house with my parents. The incident actually happened to my Aunt. Let's see what she has to share.

It was a hot night and the light was gone. I decided to have a walk with my friend and my little daughter. Before I continue I should tell you that the place we live in is a very lonely place with a few houses with a lot of trees and plants. We decided to walk on the lane which was famous for its loneliness. We had a long and nice walk after which we decided to return home as it was very late. There is an open place with weeds grown on the ground and we were to pass that place as it was in the route to our house. My friend was a little scared but I comforted her. Suddenly my daughter stopped walking and when I saw her she was as white as a sheet. I took her in my arms and kissed her. After a few moments she said "Mom!Run!it will kill us!". My friend and I were surprised by her attitude and when we turned back to look where she was looking, we were petrified.

We saw a white cat with dark red eyes looking towards us. We started to run and the next we saw was that it jumped so fast. We were surprised at how a cat could jump so fast. Then we all knew what it was and started to run as fast as we could.

The whole way to our house we were chased by that cat. When we reached our house and turned back it was not there. We all were so scared that we even did not answer the questions which my mother was asking.

After that night I promised myself not to walk at night on that scary place again.

Sidra, Pakistan
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