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The Back Room (2)

Jon, Texas, USA
September 1999

Hello, I've been reading everyone’s stories and they've been most educational indeed. This isn't my first time submitting a story here, but this one is just as weird if not weirder.

I live in a small town called Huntsville, some 70+ miles north of Houston, TX and this incident took place on the night of Friday, September 3rd 1999, not even midnight yet. I had just finished reading for the night and had to go to the restroom before getting to sleep. Now, my room is in the front of the house and I have no one else living with me. The living room is just next to my bedroom and down this long hallway, approximately 15 feet is another bedroom on the left hand side and on the right is my bathroom. Again, no one lives with me, I have no pets and the house I live in is a very quiet neighborhood which all the houses are spread apart considerably. The only thing I ever hear outside at night are the crickets and an occasional lonesome cry of a whippoorwill. Well, that’s not all I'd hear that night.

I was in the bathroom and had just finished my business, had just brushed my teeth, and was just looking in the mirror when I heard the most chilling, skin crawling sound come from that bedroom. I literally went rigid. What I heard began as a low mumbling and gradually got higher and louder! The language I could not understand, almost as if whatever it was was speaking in tongues. It was a deep male voice, I could tell and since I live alone I hardly ever shut my bathroom door for privacy and I know it was coming from that room.... It was so bad I could not tear myself away from the sink where I stood. And as soon as it had started, the mumbling was gone. All was quiet, the only thing I could hear was my rapid breathing and my heart trying to beat. It was too quiet for my liking. I was able to move again eventually and peeked out the door to the supposed "vacant" bedroom across the hallway. I knew I always kept that bedroom door open, and I was afraid when I peered into it I would see something....What? I don't know. It was very dark in there. I crept over to the bedroom and just knew that any sudden movement on my part would cause whatever had made that terrible sound to start up again. I reached for the light switch and turned on the light to reveal only some of my belongings that I've never unpacked, even though I've lived here for over nine years.

A cold sweat broke out all over me and I cautiously turned the light back off and shut the "vacant" bedrooms door, something I never did before. One thing's for sure, I'll never keep my bathroom door open anymore while I'm doing my business in there.

Ever since Friday night, I'm afraid I'll hear that creepy mumbling again, so I play my stereo and TV until I'm in bed at night just for the comfort of the sound. So far so good, haven't heard it again but I'll keep you posted in case something else happens.

About the house, I have no idea how old it is, but judging from the looks of the woodwork and such, I'd say it’s at least 25 years old. I know there were others who lived here before me but I couldn't tell you how long they occupied the house.

Well, thanks for reading and listening. Strange happenings really do occur. I believe it for sure.

Jon, Texas, USA
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