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The Back Room (3)

Courtney, Victoria, Australia
May 2006

I live in a house in Bendigo, with my best friend and fiance. It's not an overly old house, maybe built in the 1950's or 1960's. The house was completely redone before we moved in, new floors and paint job all through.

My room is the master bedroom at the front of the house, with the second bedroom next door down the hall, the bathroom next to that, the kitchen door is exactly opposite the bathroom and the third bedroom is next to the bathroom, with another hallway running in an 'L' shape after the last bedroom, around the kitchen that leads to the laundry and the toilet.

There's been no mention of anything weird going on in there before we moved in.

I moved in in 2005, a few days before the rest of my flat mates were to move in (not the current two that I have at the moment). The first two nights in the house my current flat mate Kristy stayed with me, but on the third night I was there on my own. I felt a little uneasy about being in the house on my own at night, as I'm not a huge fan of the dark, and decided to just go to bed. As I hadn't moved any of my stuff in yet, I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. While I was lying there trying to get to sleep, and ignoring the strange sounds in the house as it was settling, I kept hearing a sound like a cat makes when it claws at the carpet. It was definitely happening in my room and it took me a while to pinpoint exactly where the noise was coming from. Then I realised that it was right under me. It sounded like it was coming from under the bed, but I was sleeping almost directly on the floor, so there was no way anything could be underneath me!

I didn't get much sleep that night, and within a month I bought myself a cat so I could pass off the noises as my cat, although I never heard them again. It is here that I must explain that in my year and a bit in this house I have had 8 flat mates. The first two people who moved in with me were two of my best guy friends, one of who (Josh), like me, was very intune to the spirit world. I always had a strange feeling when walking in the hallway, like there was someone right on my heels, even when I was home alone, and I especially hated going out the back to the toilet at night, whether people were home or not.
I always make an effort to keep all the doors leading to the hallway shut as it made me really uneasy, being that the hall and the back room were always ice cold, as was the kitchen, which came off the hall, and has a window looking into the back room above the sink. Josh would always tell me that there was something with us in the house, but never really pin pointed where it was, but because I felt it too, I never really questioned him, as I didn't want to know! If I didn't know too much about it, then I didn't have to think about it.

When Josh moved out he told me exactly where he felt the thing, in the hall and back room, exactly where I was getting the creepy feelings all the time. He also told me that he had found out that someone had been held against their will in the house previous to us moving in, and that they had been hurt, which made me more certain that something in the house wasn't right.

I think one of the strangest things in the house is the back bedroom. Its always ice cold, and when my first flat mate Milton was living in there he always used to complain he had trouble waking up every morning. He had to get up early to travel an hour to work, and since moving in, he was always late getting up, and always tired. This had never happened before he moved in with me. I thought that it was strange, but didn't really think much of it, but it occurred almost every morning. He lived with me for a year before moving back home. Since leaving that bedroom he's never had a problem.

Things have really started to get bad in the house as of the past 3 months. Kristy and my fiance moved in at the end of 2005, with Kristy moving into the back room. Again she's someone that has to get up early to travel to work, and she too is having trouble waking up each morning. She's always tired, and hates going into her room, as I do too. I think I've only stepped foot in that room 2 dozen times in over a year. I just don't like it, it doesn't feel right, like there's someone else in there, but you can't place exactly where. Anyway, as I said things have been getting really active in the house, so much so that Kristy and I sometimes end up going out the back to the toilet in pairs, simply cause we can't venture down their on our own. The only place that we feel safe is in the lounge room, although sometimes it comes in there with us, but if you ask it to leave, it does, unlike anywhere else in the house. Sometimes there are strange popping and tapping noises coming from the hall.

The other night, when we were all heading to bed, I walked out of the lounge room, and looked down the hall as I was walking into my bed room, because I saw movement. I didn't look properly, just a quick side ways glance, and saw a man walk down the hall towards the back room. As I said, I didn't look properly and thought it was just Ross, my partner, so continued into my bedroom, where Ross was standing getting ready for bed. It took me a few seconds to realise that I thought I just saw him walk down the hall, and I freaked out. Thats the first time that I have seen something in solid form in the house, normally its just a feeling, you know the one, where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you turn around to watch your back...

The only other times I've actually seen it is in reflections, like mirrors or windows, but its only ever a fleeting glance, nothing as solid as a stroll down the hall. A few weeks ago, Kristy actually resorted to sleeping in the lounge as she was too scared to go down that end of the house, and I have to admit the only reason I braved to go out of the lounge room is because I share a room with Ross. Eventually Kristy went back to her room, and her first night in here, lying in bed her room went ice cold, so much so that she could see her breath, and she felt two cold fingers press to her eye lids and close them for her. She was too scared to move or make a sound but eventually fell asleep. Josh came over for a visit recently and I was telling him about what was going on in the house and we decided to see if we could contact it to find out why it was there. As I said both myself and Josh are sensitive to spirits and have both done our fair share of seances. So making a crude Ouija board with a pen and paper, we started. Before we had asked any questions or even really stated concentrating the pen started moving. It was the strongest force I had ever felt, not hesitant in moving around and pulling our hands about. We didn't really get any information out of it, as it would say one thing, and then when we reconfirmed it was change its mind, so after about an hour we gave up. I don't know what is going on in my house, as there is nothing recorded as weird on the property or in the area, but we do live close to an old orphanage. Although to think that whats in our house is a escapee from there is a little far fetched.
Any help or suggestions from anyone would be helpful!
P.S. - We're Moving!

Courtney, Victoria, Australia
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