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The Black Cat, Dark Shadows and Deja Vu

Joh, NY, USA
November 2002

A few years ago after I had just moved into my new house I had started to experience some weird things happening to me.

One night I was home alone walking around blasting all the radios, and turning on all the TV's to try to make it seem like there was more than one person home in my house. I was about to walk into my room, and as I turned a corner in the hallway, I saw a little figure the shape of a black cat vanish into my living room. I chased after it thinking, why is there a cat in the house?

Then a few days later I had started to notice while I was on the computer or sitting calmly I would see a shadowy figure of a person in a black robe. The face was dark too. It seemed like there was someone following me everywhere. I also was at my friends one day and we were sitting on the bunk beds. Me and five other kids. We were telling ghost stories and I had seen that same shadowy figure pass by the bedroom door. I asked my friend if anyone was home because I had thought we were the only ones in his house and he said nobody else was in the house except for us. Then I had told my friends what had started happening and they thought I was crazy. Then I started to scare them with my own scary stories I had experienced.

About a month later, still with the black cat sightings rapidly happening now, I had started to notice a feeling of doing something I had done before. I was in school and we were just getting ready to leave as the class put up their chairs for the end of the day. I had felt that I had been in that exact place, seeing the exact things I saw before. This experience lasts for about one minute and you know exactly whats gonna happen with no control over yourself.

Also one day I was asked to bring the attendance folder to the main office in my school and I had been walking down the stairs when all of a sudden my mind went blank. I had still been walking down the stairwell while this event took place but I felt as if I had been watching a movie of myself.

Then a week later I had experienced that event.

I had told my parents and family members about these experiences and they were just freaked out. My brother thought I was crazy because I could swear weird things would happen to me as I sat in a room all by myself. I would suddenly just feel a tingle up my spine and felt someone was with me in the room. And when I would go inside scared and almost crying to my brother he would yell at me shut up you are going crazy. But now that I am older at the age of 13, I hardly experience these events.

Once in a while they happen, but I have read that at the age of ten, when these events were very bad for me, everyones brain starts to try to develop psychic abilities. So I start to think it's just my mind nothing can happen. Even though I am 13, I always will feel these emotions of freight and I still experience the visions of the cat and the shadows of the dark figured person in the darkened areas of a house.

Joh, NY, USA
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