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The Black Energy Mass

Western Australia
March 1999

My friend had just moved in to a house she was sharing with another friend and had invited me over to see it one hot summers night early last year.

The house was a fairly average/ normal looking suburbia place...circa 1970's I suppose.

Anyway I was fine when I entered the house...I have a knack for picking up on vibes; both good and bad, but standing in the entry I was quite neutral. As my friend Danielle showed me down the hallway to the bedrooms, I began to sense something. The feelings were bordering on danger and intrusion. The closer I got to the end bedroom, the more I began to feel this energy. And believe me it was not a good energy. When I learnt that Danielle's housemates little girl was to sleep in the room with the energy, I had to say something. I get funny about telling people about my vibes because you know...the funny looks...the counselling number slipped discreetly in the hand bag....When I did mention this feeling, all I said was "I don't like this room...there is something in here" Well Danielle's mate Linda started spinning out and I felt terrible for bursting her happiness of just moving in... I was covered in goose bumps as we quickly changed the subject and moved to the kitchen for a coffee.

After coffee we decided to get stuck into reading tarot cards. (This was another reason for my visit) As I opened myself up to the reading....I closed my eyes and was aware suddenly of this HUGE black energy mass hurtling violently down the hallway, headed straight for me and I actually physically recoiled from it. This was accompanied by a deep, other worldly voice of "Leave me alone...Get out" The voice was out of place because I felt this spirit was a little boy of about seven to eight years of age. I screamed and dropped the card I was holding and started hyperventilating. Danielle and Linda were equally distressed by my outburst, completely unaware of what I had just witnessed. As I calmed down I told them what I had seen. They dealt with it as well as they could and Linda asked if I could contact him again. He had actually contacted me and was making it very clear he just wanted to be left alone. He wouldn't hurt anyone if they didn't hurt him. I was too shaken up to contact him even if I wanted to.

It took me ages to go back to that house again and every time I go there now I completely surround myself in white light and positive vibes...Just the other day Linda was telling me about the little boy and what he had been up to. He is now acknowledged and accepted in the house....they just leave him alone. One particularly hot night a little while ago Linda's 3 year old little girl Mandy would not go to sleep (yes in the same room) and was grizzling and carrying on. Linda left her and came back 10 minutes later to find her fast asleep...and all the toys from her toy basket scattered on the floor... She assures me it wasn't Mandy as she would have heard her rummaging through and pulling out that many toys and Mandy was way too tired to get up and play then go back to bed by herself and fall asleep in a span of 10 minutes anyway. Linda proceeded to pick up the toys telling the little boy that she didn't mind if he played with them, just if he wouldn't mind putting his mess away! He hasn't been heard from since...

Not too spooky but something I never want to go through again.

Western Australia
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