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The Black Figure

Tricia, Ontario, Canada
September 1998

This story is a true story that happened to me! It is one of many and I mean MANY stories that happened to me that involve spirits!

It started one night, I was spending the night at my grandma's house, in the spare bedroom. She has 2 spare bedrooms, one is mine, and one is my older sister Tammy's. I used to sleep in my room, but after that incident that happened about a year ago (no, no one died or anything, the room just went wacko from the presence of a spirit when me and my friend Dannen were in it), I haven't gone in there since! So now I stay in my sisters room, since she doesn't visit as much as I do.

I was lying down, looking at the white ceiling, like I always do when I can't sleep, and all of a sudden, I saw a black shadow coming up from the bottom of my eyes! It slowly covered my whole vision, and turned it black! It was holding my head down so I couldn't move! I got so scared, that I swung my hand at it! And it was just like swinging at smoke, it just separated, and then moved back together. Then, it formed into a hand and it curved to the left. Then it looked at me with glowing red eyes, and then flew away! The next time I met the black figure was when I was at home, I was having a sleep over with my friend Sarah in the basement. We were both on the pull-out-couch, across the room from the bar. She turned and looked over and saw the black figure, staring at her, with glowing red eyes, leaning up against the bar, right in front of her bag. She slept facing the other way for the rest of the night. Again, I had a sleepover with Sarah, in the basement. This time I saw it! It came through the roof, right above me, with it's arms and legs strait out to its side, as if it was in the shape of a star. When it popped through the roof I could see some smoke come from around it's body. What is this thing? Why is it following me? What does it want? Will it hurt me? And then slowly, it lowered it's self down towards me. I was so frightened! I didn't want to tell Sarah, because she might get scared, so I just pressed my head into the bed, trying to stay away! I was right in my sleeping bag, so I couldn't swat at it again. And then Sarah leaned over and asked, "what are you doing?" then I told her, "that thing is right above me!" and she looked around me, and saw nothing. "There's nothing there Tricia!" And I thought, how could she not see this? It's right there! How can she not see this? and then I said "it's right here!!! It's right above me!" She then tried to prove that there was nothing there, and waved her hand over top of me. Just as she did that, the figure jumped up and spread it's arms and legs again and just popped through the roof. That was the last time I saw that figure. I have many other stories, most of them I am going to submit to this page.


This is a true story, not on the scary side, but still is a true story. My name is Tricia and I wrote The Black Figure in the September 1998 Stories. There are 2 other people in this story, who want to stay secret. I will give them different names.

One night, I was sleeping over at my friend Lulu's house. Me, Lulu, and her sister Kath were channel-surfing and couldn't find anything to match our interests, so we dicided to pull out the Ouija Board and give it a go. I believe in spirits, and was hoping to contact a friendly spirit, which luckily we did. His name was Seth. After we finished asking him questions, the planchette immediately turned and drove it's self right off the board and into my leg, and I could feel the force of it! I knew that no one was moving it, because I know that I wasn't, and Kath and Lulu were barely touching it! I quickly picked it up and placed it back on. We then put our hands on it, and again it went flying towards me! I picked it up, but before I put it back on, I told him to stop doing that. This time, the triangle glided over letter, after letter, eventually spelling out "I am hungry". the minute he stop spelling, the triangle dove for the bag of chips that were at the side of the Board. Unfortunately, there were no chips left. Then, it drove itself into Lulu's leg, because she was eating some M&M's. We asked him if he wanted some and he said "Yes". He then spelled out "Please leave candy on Board. Cover with blanket. And you leave room." we then asked for how long. "5 minutes" he said. We obeyed his command, and left the room. Suddenly, through the crack in the door, the light turned on, then off again! We walked into the room and saw that the blanket was across the room, in the corner, and that the planchette was fliped over and the candy was gone!

Tricia, Ontario, Canada
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