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The Blue Man (1)

November 2007

This is my first experience with the paranormal ...I was about 8 when it happened. I am 26 now. And ever since then I have been interested in the paranormal.

My dad worked at this ice plant. It was called Mid south Ice, until Reddy Ice took it over. But anyway's, the plant in south Georgia has a high-rise added on to it, and there was a man that was killed in the elevator (the cable broke). This happened one night when my dad had to load a truck, and whenever he did that the whole family went with him. My mom and us kids were in the back of the plant in my dads office. And my little sisters and brother were outside playing, well it was getting pretty late and I had to go out and get them and bring them back in the office.
While I was trying to get my siblings inside, I saw this man, well the outline of a man ....walking towards me...he was wearing a blue uniform, and a blue hat, he didn't have any feet, nor hands, nor eyes....He walked right past me and went around the corner.... I ran inside and told my mom...and she came outside and got the kids inside and looked around and of course she didn't see anything.

When my dad came back to the office I told him what happened, he laughed at me and told me that I seen the ghost that haunts the place. And that he just wanted to say hello...and that was his way of doing it.

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