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The Boarding School From Hell

Jessica, Manchester, UK
August 2002

When I was 11 I was sent to a boarding school, as my parents had to travel a lot for their jobs. I spent 5 years there. Some of it happy, but most of it we lived in fear.

It all started, practically on our first day. We all arrived and nobody knew each other. Myself and 5 other girls were in one of the dorms, when suddenly the door (which was shut) flew right open and slammed against the wall. Needless to say, it broke the ice!! None of us could understand this as all the windows were closed and locked and there wasn't anybody outside.

After that incident, other things started to happen around the school. The school cooks would go into the kitchen to find the cooker on, or to find the kitchen in a mess and things would go missing and then turn up in very strange places. There was a story going around that a girl was in the toilets and seen something in the mirror, she was in shock for about a week. One night, a group of girls decided to play the Bloody Mary game in those toilets. We all knew about it, but stayed well clear. Later that evening, screams could be heard coming from the toilets.

We all crept around the school as though we were expecting something to jump out as us. One night, when we were celebrating the Easter holidays (some people went home, while others, including myself) and we were in the main hall when all the lights out. At first, we thought it was just a power cut. The principle called the power company only to find that nothing was wrong. He then checked the fuse boxes, again, to find nothing wrong. About half an hour later the lights came back on. We realised then that all the clocks and watches had stopped the same time the lights went out, which got us very spooked.

Our principle assured us that there was nothing to be afraid of and asked to go to bed. The noises we heard that night was terrifying. We heard, people walking around above us (we were on the top floor, the only above us was the attic), we heard screams, people laughing, doors slamming and dragging sounds as though something was being dragged right pasted our door. No one in the school slept a wink that night. In the morning, we all came into the hall for breakfast to find the room in a mess. Tables had been turned upside down, chairs thrown about and some windows had been broken.

A vicar was bought in to bless the school, but it didn't do much good. The hauntings kept happening and I believe they still do.

Jessica, Manchester, UK
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