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The Boy The Angel The Car and The Woman

Mimi, AZ, USA
June 2006

Hello, I'm Mimi an I am 14. I would like to first share with you some stories about my friend's ghostly history. Then, one ghostly thing about my school.

My friend has had many experiences relating to ghosts, and these are all of the ones she has shared with me. We'll call her...Lilly.


Her mother has had three experiences. The first one is when she was young. She had seen ghosts when she was young, but her mother was a nonbeliever. She tried to convince her mother, but couldn't.
One day, she was playing outside when a very teeny image of a boy (about as big as a few fingers put together) with a toy drum around his neck appeared floating in front of her, and he said, "Don't worry, she'll believe you soon." She thinks it was her guardian angel.

Another time, she was maybe in her twenties, when she was working in a warehouse or something like that. She was working late in a storage area, when she opened a door and saw a woman in a white dress. She had a pale glow to her. Lilly's mom shut the door immediately. I don't know if she continued working there or not. The last one was not about a ghost, but something very paranormal. It reminds me of one of those ghost games, like a Ouija board. She and her friends, probably in their late teens, were just on a little road trip. Lilly's mom, whom we'll call Bridget, was in the front passenger seat. They were playing the game where they go around in a circle, pointing to each other on each syllable of this chant about 'who will be the next to die,' or something of the sort. They were just doing it for laughs, and the next person to 'die' was Bridget. She just laughed, but not long after, they crashed into another car, and Bridget went flying through the windshield. She remained unharmed and suffered no real injuries, except her front tooth, which she lost.
Though she didn't die, it's still an eerie thought that SHE got picked, and SHE was the one to go through the wind shield.


Lilly's cousin is affected too. Let's call her...Angelica. Angelica is four or five, and, "She sees dead people! They're everywhere!" Don't worry, it's not REALLY like in The Sixth Sense. She sees them as ghosts, and only sometimes at night. But on the first night, she saw someone that REALLY scared her.
She was only about three. She saw the ghost of her dead uncle. She started screaming, and when her mom came, she couldn't see him.
Now her mom has to tell all of the ghosts to keep away from her. It works, because Angelica seldom sees her uncle anymore.

The last story is about my school.

The pre-school part of the building is haunted. When the staff are there at night, for whatever reason, they will hear a little child giggling coming from the closet. Then they open the door and see no one. This happens very often.

Well, that's all.
Thanks for reading!

Mimi, AZ, USA
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