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The Carpenter Creeps

Jon,VA, Norway
April 2000

This isn't a one-time experience, but happens almost every time I, or other family members visit our seaside summerhouse... The house was built in Aavik, Norway about 1900 by my great- great grandfather Bertinius Borufsen. He was poor and emigrated to the states to make a better living for his family. He worked as a carpenter, and every month he shipped some money and a piece of furniture he had made on his spare time. When he travelled back to Norway many years later he finished the furniture he had sent in pieces over the years and most of them are still in the old house. Eventually Bertinius and his family died, the house was almost halved in size due to a road being built through the area.

In 1961 my grandfather inherited the house, and started spending his holidays there. The first strange account he can recall is when he brought his spouse for the first time and a crow landed right in front of her while she was sunbathing. It was not shy or afraid and walked right up to her. Now, if this isn't strange enough, this happened every year until 1997...I'm no expert on crows, but I doubt they live to be over 35 years old... About the same time my grandfather started using the place other strange things started happening. Doors opened slowly and slammed shut with no warning. We started hearing steps on the attic, and sometimes the sound of sawing. (Sometimes we even found sawdust up there). These activities occur all the time at this place, it's really strange, but the most frightening thing that has ever happened there was the summer we lent the house to a family we knew very well.

It was the summer of 1995 or 6 if I'm not mistaken. Everyone in the family was outside (Midsummer-party) except the mother in the family. About midnight a fuse blew and the house got pitch black. She lit a flashlight and walked up to the attic to change the blown fuse. To get to the fuses she had to walk through the rather large attic and into a small room with nothing in it but a table, a chair, a couch and a bookshelf. This is where the fuse box is. When she tried to open the door (opening inwards), she couldn't move it. After trying a few times she got scared and called her husband. After a while he and the eldest son came to see what was wrong. They couldn't get the door open either. In the end they had to smash the door in order to get into the room. Once inside they saw all the furniture pushed against the door, interlinking, to make it impossible to open. The only window in this room is about 10 X 4 inches, so no one could have done this and gotten out. What happened that night is still a mystery, but one thing is certain...that woman will never put her feet in the old house again.

Jon,VA, Norway
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