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The Children

Jazmin, TX, USA
July 2004

Sorry if this story seems so long.First of all my family has had many encounters with witches, ghost and the living dead, but never with what I am about to tell you, and being 13 I completely believe it all.

Well we, as in my grandparents, Aunt, parents, and siblings, were on our way to Mexico City. Its twelve hours so it got pretty boring, then my granny told us this story:

Her daughter, lets call her Eve, lives in Waco. Well one day at work my Aunt Eve was just about finishing up ready to leave and lock up when she just out of nowhere gets the urge to go to the bathroom. She strolls on not really knowing why she has to go since she had gone only a few minutes before. She enters the bathroom, which is all the way to the back of the factory, meaning she had to pass all the machines and junk before getting there. She did her business and was about to wash her hand when she sees this little dolly next to the sink. It looked sort of those teeny baby shower dolls they put that are about thumbs length. She looked at it and wondered who had left it there when the "dolly" moves. As in she felt it move, she dropped it and to her surprise it started crawling. My granny said that it looked just the way a baby crawls, bobbing its head and all. My Aunt got pretty freaked out and ran out of there as fast as she could. As she was rapidly walking towards the exit she drops her keys. She squats down only to see about a dozen or so more dolly things crawling out from under the machine in front of her. This time she gets a good look before running away. My granny told us they had huge black eyes and looked just like an ordinary baby, except they were way smaller.

My Aunt reaches the door, gets out and peeks in, just before she runs to her car and sees the floor nearly covered by these things. The next day she tells her boss and he shows no sign of being surprised. According to him those things were what everyone calls "the children", they all look and act just like babies even if they are smaller.

No one knows their origin or anything, they don't seem harmful and almost all of the workers find them in their working areas and put them on their palms just to see them crawl.

After my granny told us this I got freaked out especially after she told us that she believed they came from the sierras in Mexico, which happened to be where we were headed.

Jazmin, TX, USA
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