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The Cigarette Case

Karen Richard, Massachusetts, USA
March 1999

This happened about two weeks ago.

It was early morning, and I had gotten up to get my daughter Jillian ready for school, but because of the snow we were getting it was canceled that day.

Jillian awoke, and was very pleased there was no school, and she began watching television, and playing her video games. It was around 8 a.m., and I decided to go lay back down for a little more shut eye. Every night I bring a drink of some sort up to bed with me, and I put my cigarette case beside me on my night table. (I alway's wake to a cigarette, bad habit I can't seem to break!), anyway, That morning when I had awoke I noticed my cigarette case was missing from my night table. I questioned my boyfriend Steve who lives with me and my daughter as to where it could have gone, but he didn't know, and looked all over for it. We couldn't find it anywhere. So now I am upstairs and laying in bed wondering where my cigarette case disappeared too, and just for the heck of it I said out loud " Okay, whoever took my cigarette case could you please put it back?" I slept for about an hour, and woke up and decided I had to go to the bathroom. I had surgery a few weeks before this, and so when I got up I dragged myself over the side of the bed my boyfriend sleeps on which is by the bedroom door. As I looked at his side of the bed there was nothing there, nor did I feel anything when I pulled myself to that side of the bed. I went to the bathroom, and I did not shut the door because my daughter was downstairs, and I wanted to hear what she was doing. When I finished my business I walked back into the bedroom and sitting on the bed and on the side my boyfriend sleeps on was my cigarette case! Now I did not see this nor did I feel this when I got off the bed just minutes before. My boyfriend is alway's telling me he hears things in my room, and often ask's me if I called to him which I haven't. He grew up in a Haunted House, and I sometimes think he brought his ghost to my house!

A few years back my nephew was sleeping over, and he must have been 17 yrs. old at the time, anyway, he was asleep on my couch when he felt something tap him on the head three time's. He jumped to the opposite side of the couch, and then looked at my staircase and saw a grayish figure of a man climbing my stairs. He swore he would never sleep at my house again, and hasn't. I've only felt uncomfortable in this place once, and that was when I moved in. I had put my daughter to bed, and went downstairs to watch a little television, and started getting tired, so I went upstairs to bed. She had a habit of sleeping with me then which she doesn't do anymore since my boyfriend moved in with us. Anyway, the minute I lay on the bed, I felt something or someone touch my back. I swung around as quickly as I could to see if anyone was there, but there was no one there! That was the only time beside's this one that I felt I was losing my mind, and believe me I am a very responsible and level headed person.

Well this is my story and it is true. I thought I might share this with you even though it isn't very scary.

Karen Richard, Massachusetts, USA
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