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The Closet (3)

Anonymous, NY, USA
January 2012

When I lived in my old house, I had a closet in my room. In the closet was something I didn’t know about or think about to this very day.

You see my old house that I lived in was 113 years old. It had some very dark history I didn’t know about until about the time I was moving out, you see, I am 19 now.

When I was about 7, my mom and my older sister were watching a movie upstairs. I was downstairs, playing with my little toy truck. My house had a slight slope in it, going down towards my room. So, as expected, my truck rolled into my room. I went to get it, and before I could, it rolled out by itself. I didn’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I rolled it again. And back out it came, right up the slant of the floor. So I got my mom and told her about it. She said she wanted to see it for herself and I did it again. This time it stayed in the bedroom, like whatever was pushing it didn’t want my mom to see.

This was only the start of the weird things that happened in my room. Second, my room was unique. It had a closet that led into the basement, convenient for some, but not for me of course. There was actually a dresser on top of the door down to the basement. That night I was sleeping and you will never guess what I saw. I had the strange sensation of a tingling feeling. I woke up, around 3:00 AM. There the scariest, creepiest thing I have ever seen was in the doorway of the closet. A man, about 6 feet tall, was a man in a caretaker hat. A sombrero type thing. He had no eyes, and he was looking straight at me. I then closed my eyes tight and hid under the covers. When I came back out, he was gone, my closet light left on, and all the drawers open in the dresser.

The final story, perhaps the weirdest of all. I used to live next to a really old house used before the civil war to hide slaves. We knew the people who lived there very well. So one day I was playing in their side yard, and looked up at the attic window, a round type window. There the weirdest thing I ever saw. A man, the guy who was in the closet when I was sleeping was looking down at me. The same guy with the hat and no eyes. I went and got the people who owned the house, and the guy was gone. I asked if their attic was in use. They said the last time someone used the attic was before they bought the house in 1989. I asked them if they knew if there was anyone up there, and they looked at me like I was insane. They said the attic was blocked off by a big wooden bar, and that there was no way to get it down. I told them I saw someone up there, and they said what did he look like. I told them, and they got a picture from their dresser. They said they knew the guy, that he died in MY house, and that he died in 1898, the year the house was built. I asked them if they knew anything about the families that lived in that house back then. They said there were 2 murders and the bodies were never found.

Anonymous, NY, USA
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