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The Crown Hotel

November 2004

I live in a small market town in Oxfordshire. There are a number of pubs, but one is very old. It dates back to William the Conqueror, who stayed there while travelling throughout the country. He always bought loads of people with him such as bodyguards, servants, etc.

According to the visitors books (which are kept today under lock 'n' key but are on show to the public) one evening 45 people arrived but 41 people left. It is said that a fight broke out shortly after arriving at the pub and 3 people (1 servant, 1 bodyguard a man who worked in the pub were killed).

I worked in this pub while studying at college. Many people said they often felt a presence but it never really bothered them that much. One evening around 10.30pm, a fight broke out between some drinkers. Suddenly one man was punched and fell to the ground, but we all witnessed no one touching this man. It spooked out everybody and most people left very soon afterwards. It was 'talk of the town' for a few weeks afterwards, but after that incident things started to happen.

Empty glasses we would put in the kitchen, were found clean and put away. Sometimes after a busy night, we would leave the things out such as glasses, chairs, etc but come in the next day we'd find everything put away. The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was (this pub is also a hotel) when I was cleaning a room with a friend, we ran out of towels so we left the room in a mess and returned about 15 minutes later, only to find the room clean, everything tidy and away. We knew that there was no one else in the pub as we had come in and locked the doors behind us.

After a few months, we did some research and found out one of the servants who had been killed was a chamber-maid, and always cleaned the bedrooms. We're still not sure but I know this still happens today. Mind you, I have reason to moan about many ghosts do you know clean up after you?

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