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The Dead Bride In The Curve

Giovanni Sanchez, PR, USA
September 2011

Well my uncles and grandfather told me this story when I was about 12 years old. It’s in Puerto Rico, Las Piedras. Somewhere in a curve.

The story is about this "ghostly bride" that was killed by a drunk driver in her wedding day. It is said that after her death, that same day, her husband left her for another woman. So now she scares people that drive by that dark curve.

One of the experiences my uncle told me about was...

"It was a normal day, I just got out of work when your older stepbrother, Charlie, called me to see if we can go out and eat pizza. Before I left work, one of my friends at work told me about a dead bride that jumps into your car when you are turning on the curve.

I didn’t believe it so I decide it to check it out for myself. I use to drive this big, white truck. Right when I’m getting to drive through the curve, it seemed so peaceful and normal. Suddenly, the truck jumped. It felt like if I just ran over a dog. I look through my left side mirror and saw nothing.

Then I tried to look over my right mirror. In the passenger seat there was this old lady with a white dress. She just stared at me. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck standing up straight. She asked me, ‘Why would you do that? I loved you Ronald.’ Then she vanished, right in front of me."

I noticed that as he is telling me the story, all of a sudden I see a tear in his eye. After that he said that when he took a closer look you could see tire marks on her dress and blood in her mouth. Not knowing why, he decided not to finish the story. I could see him shaking while he told me about the dead bride.

Giovanni Sanchez, PR, USA
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