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The Elderly Woman

Corby J. Mead, West Virginia, USA
October 2000

This incident took place on Harvey Town Road, about the middle of October. My two friends and I were just out driving around early one morning (We hadn't been to bed yet) when my friends car ran out of gas. Not being that familiar with the road we were on we didn't know if there was a gas station nearby or not. Regardless, we started walking in the direction we were heading because we hadn't seen a gas station for some time. We walked around the corner from where the car decided to stop when I noticed a quaint little house with red siding. Thinking "Why not?" I decided to ask the people who resided there if there was a gas station nearby. I slowly walked across the small porch when the door creaked open and a little old lady appeared in the door way.
"Hi....Our car ran out of gas around the corner and..." I started to say but she cut me off.

"I knew you boys would be here" She said reaching down beside the door and picking up a full can of gas. "Here you go, just leave it on the porch when your done".
She gave me a big smile and quickly closed the door. My friends were behind me with there eyes bugged out obviously in shock over what had just transpired. We got back to the car and emptied the gas into the tank, dropped off the can and headed on our way. My friends and I still tell this story every Halloween and will still swear by what had happened. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks

Corby J. Mead, West Virginia, USA
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