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The Electric Ghost

Bert' Thompson, Florida, USA
June 2000

This is a story that my previous stepfather told me, so Ill try to tell it the way he would.

First, my stepfather lived in a small trailer on a dirt road awhiles off the highway. He had alot of paranormal experiences there along with his parents and his brother, who didn't live there but visited often. My stepfather was also an temperate man.

"one night, I came home drunk with my girlfriend and we went to sleep, later that night I woke up to the blast of the radio and the lights all on, needless to say I was upset and got after (lets call here Jane, like Jane Doe) about it and she denied everything and said she was asleep the whole time. Well, with that I let it go and went around the house turning off all the lights and, of course the radio, and went back to sleep only to have it happen again. I, thinking this was a joke, got after Jane once again and, once again, she denied the whole thing. I once again turning off all the lights and the radio dozed back to sleep.
Later on it once again happened and that was the last straw, I woke up Jane and started yelling at her when the radio blasted back on right there, and all the lights in the house started flickering on and off; like someone, or something was doing it. I grabbed Jane and ran out of the house where we drove off, scared senseless, and spent the night in the truck getting the little bit of sleep we could. The next morning we went back and looked around. When we went to the bedroom, we were shocked to find the radio was unplugged."

I hope you enjoyed this story, for it is just one of many of the things that happened in my stepfathers house.

Bert' Thompson, Florida, USA
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