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The Face (1)

Epi Renee Lafoga, American Samoa
May 2002

I live on a island in the South Pacific called American Samoa, because this island is so small,(25 miles long and 3 miles wide),many things get trapped here, we Samaons believe greatly in spirits, Here in Samoa we get to bury our relatives on our land, we don't really believe in cemeteries.

One day my husband and I got into a big argument, I went out and sat on my great- grandfather's grave and cried for a while. By the time I went in to the house it was getting dark. My husband and I worked things out that night. Later on that night for some reason I can't remember what, I woke up about 4:00am, I saw my husband sitting up too, I sat up and asked him what was wrong? When my husband turned around and looked at me, he freaked out. He quickly turned away and wouldn't look at me anymore! I sat there confused, he kept saying ''go away''. He covered my face with the sheet, and felt around our bed, he kept saying ''there was a face by your face looking at me''. I started to get freaked out. My husband was too scared to look at me again that night.

The next day, I told my grandmother about it, she told me I had to go and let my Great-grandfather know that everything is okay, and that he doesn't have to worry about me. That same day, I went and sat on my Great-grandfather's grave and told him I am okay. Ever since then, We haven't seen anymore faces.

Epi Renee Lafoga, American Samoa
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