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The Farm

Jessie, NSW, Australia
October 2001

This happened to me a few years ago...whether you want to believe it or not is your choice, but I promise it is 100% true.

My family and I had just moved to the country and bought a few acres of land. We were planning on starting a farm, but not straight away because we had to get settled in first.

Within the first week we unpacked our things and settled in pretty well. The farm was perfect, all that was missing was the animals.

It was late one night and everyone was in bed except me because I wasn't tired. So I decided to watch some TV. When I was tired enough to go to bed, I did just that, went to bed. As I was getting into bed I could hear cows mooing and horses neighing, and all kinds of animal noises, (keep in mind we had no animals at this point in time, and we had no neighbours, the closest neighbour was a few kms away). I looked out my window and I saw all these farm animals..naturally I was in shock, so I went outside to see if there was really any animals there. When I got outside all the animals were still there, but then a cow turned around and saw me then they all disappeared. I was so freaked out I ran back inside got into bed and covered my head with the blankets. Nothing like this ever happened again.

Jessie, NSW, Australia
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