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The Fatal Accident

Kathryn Martinez, New Mexico, USA
October 2008

In 1993 It was my first day on Patrol duty. I was dispatched to an accident with injuries. I was the first unit to respond. I called for an ambulance. While I was waiting for rescue to respond I checked on the victims. a male drunk driver was driving east bound in a west bound lane. He caused an entire family to flip over their vehicle. I dragged the victims out of their truck and set them on the sidewalk. I went to the drunk driver's vehicle to access his injuries. When I opened the door I was overwhelmed with the stench of death. His legs were twisted like ragdolls. The entire windshield was completley shattered over his face. I could never forget the smell of blood and death. This was the first time I had seen a dead body. The lady that flipped in her truck had brain matter leaking out of her ear. I had to find a blanket out of my trunk to cover the injuries so the children would not have to witness the terror.My Husband is also an Officer. I told him how tragic it was for me to see this dead man.

When I went to sleep that night I kept hearing a man moaning. I forced myself to open my eyes and I saw the Navajo man sitting in a chair staring at me. his face was all bloody and he kept saying he was going to hell. He said he was going to curse me because I did not check on him first. I continued to have nightmares for two weeks. My Husband explained to me that the first dead person you see that you will never forget.

Sometimes I feel someone sitting on my bed and touching my face.
Old indian tradition believes that you do not touch a dead body
because their soul could enter yours and cause bad luck.

Kathryn Martinez, New Mexico, USA
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