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The Fatal Price

September 2003

I was always prone to feeling things that were unexplainable; even as a child. I have always thought of myself as a paranormal believer and the experience I had in my new apartment confirmed this.

My new home was splendid, but little did I no that this feeling would soon fade away. First I began to hear noises. The scratching in my closet, the opening and closing of doors. I knew I wasn't alone, but never did I think I would have to fear for my own safety.

When it all began I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary. Then the occurrences became more regular and more peculiar. My boyfriend came over and was watching some television while I was in the kitchen. He said that when he was lying down he felt as though there was another male presence in the room. An icy chill consumed the air around him. All of a sudden he felt a fist hit him across the face. He immediately stood up and looked around to see who was there. But there was no one in sight.

A week went by and I came home to see my apartment in shambles. Surprisingly nothing was taken; I was puzzled. The police did an investigation but found no leading evidence. There were no signs of forced entry. I am the only one with the key to the apartment and nobody was seen at the door during the destruction. I was lead to one conclusion...I was being haunted by the unseen and untouchable. I think its quite a conundrum. lol (we just had 2 put it in)

Another month went by without any odd happenings. Except my boyfriend dumped me over the despair. I thought things had come to a standstill, but then it hit me (literally). I had just walked into my apartment and began walking upstairs (as it was a bi-level) when all of a sudden a force pulled me back as though an invisible hand was trying to make me fall. I had no idea what had happened. Luckily I only had minor injuries because I had not traveled that far up the stairs. At this point I feared for the worst. I no longer felt safe in my own home.

The voices started... "I want to rip you". It wouldn't stop. I tried many things: walks, music, yoga and other activities that would distract my mind. I couldn't get the shrill voice out of my head and realized I was no longer in control. By now many people had told me to leave. However, I was too curious for my own good. I had sunk too deep. I couldn't sleep at night. I had to stay awake to hear any movement. I was obsessed! And there was nothing I could do!

On my regular trip to the laundry room the voice started again and became more defined. I followed it to a storage room. When I opened the door the voices stopped abruptly. The lights flickered momentarily before they went out. The room was completely dark. I turned on the light in the hall, and went into the storage room to look around. There was nothing unusual about the place. Just some old mops, brooms and boxes of old belongings. When I left I saw a shadow and recognized that it wasn't my own but that of a another...(as I was standing adjacent to the hypotenuse of the right triangle formed by the light shining through the open doorway... lol ) I made my way back upstairs and realized that there was more to this story then I had ever imagined.

I began talking to other tenants in the apartment building about the vast history that dwell within the old walls. They informed me that a murder-suicide had taken place years before in the storage room. With this information everything began to unfold; to recreate a forgotten tragedy. The voices were from the killer who was searching for his victim.

Later I learned that the two people, which had died, were at one time a couple. However, when the man discovered that his girlfriend had been cheating on him, she was soon to pay the fatal price. In panic of what he had done he had killed himself too. Up to this day the killer must spend eternity wandering his lonely world, and be reminded of his last words I found engraved upon the storage room wall "If I can never have you, no one else ever will".

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