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The Ghost Across The Street

August 2006

I want to share this story because it is my only memory of a ghost.

I had nightmares of this old lady and I would scream in my sleep without knowing it. I'd freak my older sister Ariel out, she even asked me if I was possessed. To prove it she asked me questions I only knew. The next morning my little brother Greg said he saw this lady in the attic window across the street, I asked him what she looked like. He said she had white hair and she was wearing a long night gown. He described the old lady from my nightmares! I was shocked and scared, I asked Ariel if I was describing my dreams in my sleep and I wasn't.
I told Ariel and Greg about the old lady and my sister beleived me but Greg did not, he said I was trying to scare him.To prove that I wasn't we walked across the street to see who lived there, it was three Spanish guys. We asked them "does anyone live in the attic?" one of them said it was impossible to get in there becuse the attic door is sealed and the stairs were taken down. You should have seen my brothers face, it was the same face he made that time when he found out he had to share a room with our baby brother Lee.
That night Ariel had a crazy idea that we might want to see who lived in the attic , we voted and I lost, so we waited till Mom and Dad fell asleep, we put our coats on and went out the door (slowly). We hid in the bushes and waited, then after 30 minutes somthing happened. The window in the attic lit up and we all saw her with her head down in a chair eating somthing that looked like a raw fish. She lifted her head up and all of a sudden she was looking at us with her face against the window with a crazy smile. Ariel, Greg and I screamed like little girls (yes even my brother). We were used to her freaky smile since we saw her every week. I don't know why we only saw her. Nobody else beleived us when we told them she was there.
Luckily we moved a year later, we don't miss that woman, but we do miss the house (most of our friends were on that street).
I Hope you enjoyed my life experience story.

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