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The Ghost In The Attic

Nathalie, Alsace, France
July 2004

When I was 9 I played in the attic with a friend (same age), we searched a secret passage, because I read a book earlier about a girl discovering one in her house. I believed there was one in my house because it's very old.

Let me describe my attic. It has a U-shape. When you come in, you can see a narrow space on the left and on the far right, there is a hole in the wall, 1 meter high. Behind is what looks like a room, but you can not go in, because the hole is too little.

I looked in there, when my friend asked me : "What's this ?". Here, in the part of the attic which has no light, I could see a man in his twenties sitting on the floor, lit by the flashlight. He had no colours. He looked entirely brown, but it wasn't just a shape, he seemed real. I could see his features, his clothes (jeans and sweat). Then, he turned his head and smiled at me. Then we ran away. My friend kept saying that it wasn't a ghost, it was bags (with a face ?!).

I never saw him again, but sometimes, I feel a presence near me, but it seems that the other 4 people living in this house never sense anything.

The only person present in the house when we saw him, except us, is my mother. It was impossible that we didn't hear someone walk up the stairs of the attic because it's made of wood and the steps creak when you walk on them.

I never go back to the attic. I always feel afraid and have a headache when I step in it.

Nathalie, Alsace, France
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